Opening Test for 'Lines'
Opening Test for 'Lines'
18 Jun 2013

Here is a short sequencing test for the opening of our work-in-progress short film 'Lines'.

The plan for these shots was to establish the world, and subject through various images of power lines, pulling out to reveal the location. I was challenged to make greater use of the opening, and use it to set up something more than just the location. How could we use it to communicate a tension, and foreshadow later events?

For this, I looked at drawing out the shot length, pacing, contrasts in weather, and sound design to create a piece with more emotional impact.

The resulting test seems to reveal more information about the location, much of my feedback commented on how much it seemed to 'really feel like Wellington' to them.

What does it make you feel or think about? Comments are welcomed below!

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