Matt Fannin

My first camera was gifted to me by Gran when I was 8. A small point and shoot, made entirely of plastic, adorned with loony tunes characters and the brightly coloured lettering "That's All Folks!". It shot 35mm film, with no need to focus, or do anything other than wind on, and I used it as often as I could get films to put through it. Most people my age didn't have their own cameras, and even as I got older, the potential embarrassment of having one in public which drew so much attention wasn't enough to stop me from using it. That unique combination of stress, anticipation and magic when the photos finally came back from the local chemist.

Later gaining access to the darkroom, I was awed by the experience of watching my photographs slowly seep out from the darkness. My passion for the rich world of photochemical image making became fully alive, and seeded the beginning of a question looking at how we can hold on to some of that magic in our art as we move forward with photographic technologies.

I'm fueled by a fundamental interest in how technology and image making can be best used to tell a story, spending my time understanding the science of how new things work, but also learning and testing how they effect us as people.


Bachelor of Design (Stage and Screen)

Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School
Completed in 2013


Creative Director

Sep 2015 - Feb 2016
Working with Film for Change for Community Research
Producing two short videos

Art Dept Mentor

Sep 2015 - Oct 2015
New Zealand Film and Television School

Director of Photography

Long Cloud Film - Film - 2014
Directed by Stella Reid

The Linesman - Short Film - 2013
Creative Team - Emma Nichols, Harriet Denby, Robert Edwards, Matt Fannin

The Warmth of You - Short Film - 2013
Directed by Isobel Mebus

Editing and Visual Effects

Long Cloud Film - Film - 2014 (In Progress)
Directed by Stella Reid

The Linesman - Short Film - 2013
Creative Team - Emma Nichols, Harriet Denby, Robert Edwards, Matt Fannin

Gaffer / Assistant Camera

One Percent Collective: Superhero - Web Ad - 2014
Director of Photography - Marty Williams
Directed by Mark Albiston

Sinking Ship - Short Film - 2014
Director of Photography - Andreas Mahn
Directed by Carolyn Dekkers

The Dare - Short Film - 2013
Typhoid Films
Directed by Matthew Barnes

Photographer / Videographer

The Performance Arcade - 2013
The Playground NZ

Promo Film for 'The Passage' - 2014
Site Responsive Installation by Cathryn Monro

Set Design

The Mercy Clause - Centrepoint Theatre 2014
Directed by Jeff Kingsford-Brown

Set Dressing

Shopping - Film - 2012
Directed by Louis Sutherland and Mark Albiston